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Abandoned leads, and other signs your customer journeys aren’t aligned

Customer Journey Alignment - Hubspot Integrations - Lead Generation

With tools like HubSpot or Marketo, inbound methods can improve your SEO, bring visitors, and position your company as an expertBut very often, the potential of a marketing software isn't fully reached. 

Converting leads is still the main priority for 70% of companies, but only 22% of employees consider that customer journeys are aligned. (Read more in our State of Inbound blog)

Is that the case at your company? How can you solve it? 
Here are 4 signs it's time to improve your Customer Journeys Alignment.

1. Leads are not followed up

Once a lead is qualified, he is communicated to your sales who follow through with business proposals. But notifications get lost along the way: sales agents forget about it and the lead is left dormant.

2. Sales process start from scratch

Sales representatives pick up a lead but start calls without knowing what has attracted the customer in the first place.
 Contacts are being overwhelmed with repetitive information, and this shuts them down altogether.

3. Marketing still run costly market studies

Likewise, marketing departments run large researches to get information about customers. Or they rely on guesses to target potentials customers. They don't leverage resourceful CRM data which belong to Sales teams. Not knowing how to benefit from this information goldmine is certainly a waste!

4. Your interns perform boring data entries

Data from one system to another must be migrated back and forth. And it's not easy: Fields do not have the same name, the philosophy behind the software is different...  Basically, it's a waste of time, resources, and a difficult and boring task you're stuck with. This would not happen if all platforms directly communicated with each other.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios?
Integrating your Marketing Automation tools is the key to align your customer journeys
Marketing and Sales teams could embrace each other's setups for a streamlined Customer Journey Alignment. Lead generation can provide automated and informed sales processes, and marketeers could in turn use sales data to steer their campaigns.

HubSpot integrations with other systems help customer journey alignment all around the world. Industries benefitting from it are diverse. This includes tourism, recruitment, biotechnologies, or IT sectors.


Are you interested in aligning your Marketing, Sales and Service teams? Check out this e-book and discover why and how you can do it.

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